Schools’ Admission Criteria

When applying for a place at a post-primary school, it’s important that you read (slowly and in detail) their admission criteria as this will give you clear guidance on how the school will allocate places from all their applications.

These documents are taken from the Education Authority site with the hope that it makes these files easier for you to find and read.

My hope is that these should help you judge if your child is likely to be offered a place at the school, if they meet certain criteria. For example, if a high school allocates places based on distance from the school and you live very close, then you’re likely to be given a place. Alternatively, if you live a good distance away, but you have another child at the school and the criteria explains that children with siblings at the school are given first preference, then again you will be in with a great chance.

I’m also hoping these documents will dispel myths like, ‘you have to put certain schools first to be in with a chance of gaining a place‘ – it really doesn’t work like that.

These are not light documents, so if you haven’t seen these before, you’ll probably gasp at first, but don’t panic. Once you start to dissect the document and break it down, I promise it will become clearer (hopefully). I would recommend printing off each admission criteria for schools you are considering and getting your head around the detail. It may also be great prompt for further questions which you can use on the Open Days/Nights.

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