AQE Puts Deadline On People To Request Raw Scores

What Is A Raw Score?

When your child does the AQE tests, they are scored as normal (like they would be in school) and this is known as their ‘raw score’. Then this score is fed into a formula, compared to other people their same age and this determines their ‘standardised score’ – and this is what you received in the post in January and shown as Result in the picture above.

Why Would You Ever Want Your Child’s Raw Scores?

There are a couple of reasons why you may want to get your child’s raw scores and these include:

  1. It’s free – so why not?
  2. Your own curiosity to see how your child did in each individual paper (%).
  3. To help others by feeding this information into a central piece of research which seeks to understand the typical percentage needed in 2018 to achieve a score of 100 (the average) and also see if there was any impact on age difference. You can read the results of the AQE 2017 Analysis by clicking here.
  4. Also, there is a very small chance that there has been a mistake in the process of converting from raw score to standardised score. If this has happened to your child’s score, then, when you submit your data to me, I will compare it with the other results and if it appears out of kilter, I will let you know and provide you with the evidence and support to appeal and rectify this.

Never Before Has AQE Had A Deadline On These Requests.

This was only flagged to me last night (21st March) by a member of my free Facebook Support Group, when she highlighted that following her request for the raw scores form, AQE advised her that ‘they would no longer be accepting any further requests for raw scores after 31st March 2019‘.

Prior to this lockdown, parents have always been able to request raw scores for their child’s test, even from several years ago – so this is something that is very new and it’s unclear as to the reasons behind this.

How To Request Your Raw Scores.

Firstly, it takes about two minutes of effort, so don’t delay and just do it. You don’t want to look back with regret if you miss the deadline.

All forms must be received by the AQE office via post and forms completed and sent via email are not accepted.

Address is:
AQE Office
Unit 3
Weavers Court Business Park
Belfast BT12 5GH

Option 1 – Use Form (PDF) Below

  1. Click on the link below to open up the form.
  2. Print it, fill it in and send it to the AQE office.

Option 2 – Phone AQE For Form

  1. Phone the AQE Office on 02890 224002 and request a form to be sent out to you.
  2. When you receive the form, fill it in and return it to the AQE office.

N.B. Not the quickest route as you need to leave enough time for your phone request to be processed by the office, the form to be sent and for you to post it back.

Option 3 – Email AQE For Form

  1. Email the AQE Office at and request the form.
  2. Print it off, fill it in and post it back to the AQE office.

For reasons relating to data protection, AQE will only send out raw scores to the postal address registered on their system (where the results were sent).

What To Do When You Receive The Raw Scores

In order to contribute to the overall statistical analysis, please complete the online form on the AQE Raw Scores Submission and your scores will be reviewed (to ensure no anomalies) and then contribute to the bigger picture conclusions.

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