Premium Support Group

There are two types of alternative support groups on Facebook – the Free Support Group and the Premium Support Group (this one).

I will be managing both and the Free one is very close to my heart as I have fond memories of starting it with only a handful of Transfer Tutor customers. It is a credit to all the members that it’s grown to the size it is today as there’s an amazing amount of experience and support available on tap and I know it’s been a life-line to many parents going through the process – and will continue to be.

However, my vision for the Premium Group is slightly different and I hope the sections below will help you understand this, with the benefits, more clearly.


With over 6,000 people in the Free Facebook Support Group, one of the ‘complaints’ (if that’s the right word) I get, is that the group is very busy and so it not possible to listen to and hear everything.

Each Stage Covered

The whole process is broken into stages and even though I cover these in the Free Support Group, I regularly get pings asking me for same information I’ve just shared, so clearly members are missing these key messages.

However, I don’t imagine that ‘missing information’ will be an issue with the Premium Group as there will be less people and noise, and therefore social listening can be more finely tuned. In addition, I imagine this more intimate and quiet setting may suit a lot of people.

Why Trust Me?

If you are wondering why you should trust anything I say, it’s a good question and if I was you, just starting off, I would be asking the exact same thing.

Academic Background

With three academic degrees – BSc. Business & Computer Science at Queens University, MSc Management Information at Queens University and a Masters In Business Administration (MBA) at The University Of Leeds – the one thing I do know how to do is revise and learn. This experience and knowledge has enabled me to build the successful Online Quizzes, and also helps me support parents who are trying to help their kids through the transfer questions.

Mum Of Four

Over and above my academic record, I think being a mum of four kids (steps and stairs in ages) and having immersed myself in AQE and GL for the last twelve years, is the more important experience that allows me to be able to help and empathise with other parents who have children at this stage.

I didn’t get a tutor and just helped them myself and they all got into their chosen grammar schools (they didn’t all stay there but that’s a different story), and there’s not much I can’t relate to or, at the very least, steer another parent in the right direction.

Professional Experience

Before the world of The Transfer Tutor, I had worked for BT for 22yrs and was a successful Global Programme Director, managing customers across the world, with some key delights including running conferences in Las Vegas and travelling to Bermuda (such a lovely place) with work.

However, I left that role to focus full time in helping kids and parents locally and one of the key benefits I see from my previous work is that it has provided me the experience in managing large groups of people remotely, using webinar conference software and the confidence to lead from the front.

Access To Me

As egotistical as ‘Access To Me‘ may sound, I don’t mean it to be. But, with about 25 – 50 messenger pings a day to me personally, it’s not possible for me to continue offering individual support to everyone as I simply don’t have the time. If you were on the Free Group in January, you’ll know what I mean and probably remember the madness when results came out, but these peaks can happen around registration time, choosing the right school, school letters, summer holiday stress, in the run up to the actual tests themselves, school open nights etc. – they kinda never stop.

At very peak times, individual pings can go into their 100s per day and so from now I am respectfully asking people to use the Free Support Group for advice, however, as a member of the Premium Group, I will make myself available to parents who need some individual advice if they do need one-to-one help.

Although, secretly, I’m hoping that all ‘challenges‘ will be stage-managed for the Premium members through weekly sessions anyway and so there will be less questions or doubt, in the first place.

Freedom To Express / Engage

Too often I hear from people who are looking individual advice because they don’t want to post on the free group, because their teacher, friends, AQE or Belfast Telegraph may be listening. However, the Premium Group will allow them the freedom to engage in a smaller group where there is less likelihood of any confidentiality being compromised.

Regular Online Sessions

This idea is still in development but this is the way I want to proceed – but I want to do it right and professionally.

In my previous role as a Global Programme Director in BT, I was often responsible for managing online conferences with very large numbers so this is not alien to me and doesn’t concern me at all, and I know the benefits to the people by delivering training in this way.

I’m picturing webinars, where people can see my screen, maybe some slides, even me on webcam and a Q&A box where they can ask questions. I’m still researching the right software at the right price (I know what I’m looking for), but I think if I get this bit right, people will come away each time more educated about the current stage. It’s also important to me that everyone feels they were able to engage effectively – thereby being a real part of the group.

I know some other groups use Zoom and this is free software, but I don’t feel the quality is appropriate and it lacks a certain decorum that I’m looking for – so I’ll keep searching.


I guess the stark difference is that the Premium Group comes with a price tag and I’ve made this low cost and I’d hope this would not be inaccessible to anyone.

The first month is FREE and you can cancel at any time and after that, the price is £4.95 if you are a current Transfer Tutor customer (you can join using the links below if this was something you were thinking of doing anyway) and £9.95 to everyone else.

This is a monthly subscription as I would prefer people to engage and enjoy the group and if they no longer need it, they can unsubscribe rather than feeling you have to stick around because they paid for 6 months or a year. I think this idea works well for everyone.

How To Join

Firstly, please make sure you have Facebook as this is a Facebook Group!

Simply choose the right option below to join – either as a Transfer Tutor customer (you will be asked to confirm username at the next stage) or other and once you subscribe, you will then be taken to another page with further instructions.

Thanks and I’ll see you on the other side.

To Subscribe Fill In / Click Here:

Username / Email (If Customer)

More about The Transfer Tutor (Online Quizzes)

The Transfer Tutor App is an online site dedicated to providing fun and interactive quizzes aligned directly to the AQE / GL specifications.  All quizzes are broken down into manageable topics and can be done on any mobile or tablet device, so it’s an great way for kids to learn and prepare for the test.  

If your child is in P6 and you want the licence that will last you until December 2019, simply click on the picture below to buy the Penguin Licence at only £45 for the whole year until the test is over.


(Expires December 2019) 

However, if there are younger siblings, you can choose a longer licence, for only another £15 per additional years! So, if this is something you would like to explore, click here to get more details and to look at the other membership options. 

To give you a feel for the quizzes, you can start a free one by clicking on the button below.  


The quizzes have been a great success with parents and kids and received many, raving 5* Facebook Reviews in the last year, so definitely worth a look and read how so many people have loved using the app.