Picking Up AQE / GL Results At Royal Mail Delivery Office

I’m aware that’s a lot of people keen to pick up their child’s AQE / GL results on the morning of Saturday 26th January, rather than chewing off all their nails and waiting for the postman to leisurely complete his rounds.  To support this, I’ve researched the process with the Royal Mail and I hope it helps.

The Royal Mail Service

They do offer an results collection service for the AQE / GL test and the process only starts when the central Royal Mail team send out a formal communication to every delivery office within Northern Ireland to advise them that this may be something they’d like to consider.  However, a couple of points worth noting:

  • This communication to the local delivery office does not go out until about a week before the results date. So this communication will go out until after the 19th January.
  • Not all sorting offices have to agree to this process so it will ultimately be their choice.

Don’t Know Your Local Sorting Office?

You probably know your local sorting office, as this’ll be the place that any undelivered items get returned to, but just in case you don’t, you can find your local office by putting your postcode into Find Your Royal Mail Delivery Office on their website.

Key Points To Note

  • It’s best to wait until the Delivery Office receive the formal communication from central Royal Mail, and if you phone too early they might tell you to phone back three / four days before the results come out (26th January), as they gear up to get organised for this event.
  • Not all delivery offices will be playing along, so don’t be too excited that this will definitely be an option for you.
  • The earliest pick-up time is typically 9am, so if you need it before this time, this service may not suit you.
  • Think carefully if you really need this service or will the normal post do just fine without the extra hassle?

How & When To Contact Royal Mail To Arrange Delivery

Experience has proved that the best way to contact the Royal Mail is to drop into the Delivery Office and give them your name and address, as many of them are running paper lists – but just be patient and do this about a week before the 26th January.

Alternatively you could try their customer service number on 03456 021021 – but in previous years, this has been met with various levels of success because this is a local NI initiative. Time will tell on this one.

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