School Parents – Send Me Your Details

School Already Registered:

If your school has registered (you will see it will be on the dropdown menu below), then you need to send me your details so I can create your account. Once your account is live, you will be informed by email and text message, so you’ll not miss it.

The aim is for all licences to be set up within one day so look out for your text and email.

If you have any queries, please contact Tori on 07720776472 or by email to

School Not Registered Yet:

If your school is not available on the dropdown, please ask your teacher or principal to register by sending them this link, and I’ll get that organised asap. No cost to school, no admin, no hassle – just benefit for the parent.

Link for teacher / principal –


In light of the fact that schools are going to close, a process has been set up whereby you now pay £20 directly (explained below) and not send any payments to school. I will then record your child’s name on a tracker for the teacher.

Ways to Pay £20 (New Lower Price!):

* Option 1 – Bank Transfer (preferred as easier for me to track and manage)

Name: Olga Lynch, Sort Code: 40-47-72, Account Number 31342363

* Option 2 – PAYM (Pay Mobile)
Simply send £20 to 07880335848

* Option 3 – PayPal

Account –

* Option 4 – Teacher has advised the school are paying

If your school is not listed here, please drop me an email, or text to 07880335848, and I'll get it added if the school have registered.
This will appear on the leaderboard at the end and must be at least four letters/numbers and cannot contain any funny characters e.g. &, $, ! etc.
Must be at least four letters/numbers and cannot contain any funny characters e.g. &, $, ! etc.
This will be used for a confirmation text when the licence has been set up. Just in case the email drifts into the spam/junk folder.
Please double check this is correct.
Anything else you would like to add?