Lockdown Offer – 20% OFF!

AQE and GL have both indicated that, for now, they are pressing on with business as usual and they are reviewing their process to allow for online registration during the Coronavirus pandemic.

But this is also a worrying time for many P6 parents, as they find themselves with the majority of the responsibility to support their kids with learning and ensuring they continue to learn and get ready for the test if they want to go to their chosen grammar school next year.

To support this, I’m offering 20% off all normal licences whilst we are in Lockdown and there’s uncertainty about when they are likely to open so I trust this will help parents and kids as the answers are explained, it’s online, it’s funand it’s built in line with the AQE and GL specifications so it’s perfect revision.

Licences are purchased depending on the length of time required and as additional years are only charged at only £12 per year (with the 20% off) it’s worth considering a longer licence if you have a younger sibling.

To help you choose the perfect licence for you, here’s a quick reference guide:

  • Youngest going into P7 – Cat Licence
  • Youngest going into P6 – Elephant Licence
  • Youngest going into P5 – Tiger Licence
  • Youngest going into P4 – Unicorn Licence

If you need a licence that is not detailed below, just let me know and I can arrange something specific for you.

CAT LICENCE – Only £50 £40

(Expires December 2020) 

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(Expires December 2021)

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TIGER LICENCE – Only £80 £64

(Expires December 2022) 

UNICORN LICENCE –  Only £95 £76

(Expires December 2023) 

What It’s All About?

The ethos of The Transfer Tutor is to provide a fun and interactive way to test the children through various quizzes in Maths & English, but also to ‘tutor’ them along the waygiving them hints to get the right answer and explaining the logic if they got it wrong.  It works on all mobile devices and computers (anything with internet access) and has happily even been reported as being addictive! 🙂

There is such a buzz at the moment and this is because The Transfer Tutor has many amazing features and benefits, including:

  • Has a complete focus on the AQE & GL  specification.
  • Is mobile friendly working on smartphones, tablets and computers connected to the internet.
  • In many questions, there will be a ‘hint’ option that offers the child details on the ‘rule’ or aids them to complete it correctly which helps their future application of the same type of question.
  • Has a function built in that the parents will be emailed with the child’s score when they have completed a test, so parents can track progress and also know the child is not off playing Minecraft or Candy Crush when they should be revising.
  • Question areas broken down into specific categories which allows the parent and child to identify areas of weakness and to focus on these for improvement.
  • Although many tests will have more than 20 questions ‘behind the scenes’, the child is only faced with a random 20 questions each time so they can try the same test many times and will be getting different related challenges.
  • Not only test questions but if the child gets it wrong, the app will provide information on the rule or reason as to why this is happened, so they can build on their fundamental learning for the next time.
  • Leadership board with the most recent 10 attempts listed (from all people) and this offers a level of competition that makes the child strive to be better.
  • Child friendly with the use of colours and pictures which encourages the child to want to log on and try a new quiz every day.

So, to get going today with your son/daughter, choose your licence above and get going – the setup process which should take you less than 1 minute.

Google Reviews:

Check out the Google Reviews to read what other customers felt about The Transfer Tutor.

Spoiler alert – all the kids (the most important people) and parents love it!

Try It Out:


To give you a feel for the quizzes, why not try out the quick fire free quiz by clicking on the button below (no need to register or pay, so don’t worry). This will hopefully let you see how the questions work – or more importantly, let you see if this is something that would inspire and encourage your child to learn.

FREE Facebook Support Group

You may have read in the reviews about people referring to the Facebook Support Group and this is certainly a great place to keep informed, ask questions, get support and keep up-to-date with anything happening in the transfer space.

It’s free to join but please ensure you have a genuine Facebook profile picture (ghost pictures are not approved as not deemed authentic) and then simply click here and answer the simple questions -> Join Facebook Group.