Key Dates For 2019 – 2020

There’s always a lot of interest in when things will happen and what happens next, so, just for you I’ve outlined the key dates below.

Summary Of Key Dates

Registration (Applying) Deadlines

AQE Registration Deadline

Deadline to apply for AQE test – Friday 6th September 2019

If you apply to do the AQE test before the deadline of the 6th September 2019, there is a fee of £50 and children who are entitled to free school meals, will be able to sit the test free of charge.

You can apply after the deadline, but if you wait until then, you will incur a late entry fee of £75 (instead of the normal £50) and for children entitled to Free School Meals, there will then be a new fee of £50.

If you need help in applying for the AQE, you can check out this blog – Everything You Need To Know To Apply For The AQE Test.

GL Registration Deadline Closes – Friday 20th September 2019 (2pm)

Deadline to apply for GL test Friday 20th September 2019 (2pm)

All application forms to apply for the GL test should be completed and sent to the assessment centre by the 21st September.

Registration forms received after 2:00pm on Friday 20th September 2019 will only be accepted for registration if the parent / guardian can provide appropriate documentary evidence in support of an acceptable reason for late registration. In such cases, the parent / guardian should approach their local Assessment Centre.

Therefore, to save any hassle or risk of it not being accepted, please ensure you have your forms in by the closing date.

If you need help in applying for the GL, you can check out this blog – Everything You Need To Know To Apply For The GL Test.

Access Arrangements Deadline

‘Access Arrangements’ is the phrase used to describe request for extra time, rest breaks, coloured overlays etc., basically where you child needs support during the test.

AQE Access Arrangement Deadline

Deadline to apply for AQE Access ArrangementsFriday 6th September 2019

AQE state that their deadline for Access Arrangements is Friday 6th September 2019 (the same as their registration deadline) and although there is the possibility of applying late, I wouldn’t be taking this risk if I was also applying for access arrangements because they have scheduled meetings with a team of people to discuss these requests and to approve or request more information.

If you’re applying for Access Arrangements, so not miss the 6th September deadline!

GL Access Arrangement Deadline

Deadline to apply for GL Access ArrangementsFriday 20th September 2019

GL state that their deadline is the same as their application date – Friday 20th September (2pm) and similar to the AQE, don’t miss this deadline if you want to secure any extra support.

For help with Access Arrangements, for both AQE & GL, you can see this helpful blog: How To Apply For Access Arrangements

AQE Test Dates

AQE Paper 1Saturday 9th November 2019 (10am – 11am)

AQE Paper 2Saturday 23rd November 2019 (10am – 11am)

AQE Paper 3Saturday 30th November 2019 (10am – 11am)

Each AQE paper consists of a combination of english and maths questions, presented in a booklet and the child writes the answers on the test paper. In each paper, there will be combination of free text answers and some multiple choice.

GL Test Date

GL Test Day Saturday 16th November 2019 (10am)

The GL assessment will all be in a multiple choice format and children will record their answers on a separate computer marked answer sheet.

The first paper, assessing English, will last 50 minutes and the second paper, assessing Mathematics, will last 45 minutes. There will be a short practice session before each of the papers and in the time between the papers, the children will have time for a snack and a toilet break.

GL – Deadline To Request Child To Take Supplementary Entrance Assessment

Deadline To Request Child Sit Supplementary Test  – Monday 25th November 2019

The Supplementary Entrance Assessment is only available to a child who:

  • was registered but absent on 16th November 2018 or
  • was present initially but was not well enough to be present for any part of the second assessment paper.

If your child meets either of these criteria you should inform the Assessment Centre as soon as possible, but definitely before the deadline.

GL – Supplementary Test

GL Supplementary Test Saturday 7th December 2019

As previously covered, this test is only used for children who were registered to attend the test on the 16th November 2019, but couldn’t make it due to exceptional circumstances e.g. illness, or did turn up but was not well enough to complete the tests.

GL – Application For Special Circumstances

GL Application For Special Circumstances Friday 13th December 2019 (2pm)

If your child was ill, injured or indisposed during the GL test, you must inform the Assessment Centre no later than the Friday 13th December and register a claim for Special Circumstances.

At this stage you will provide brief details of the issue as it occurred but later in the process you will be asked for documented evidence from medical or other professionals to support the claim (so it is best to gather all evidence whilst it is still fresh). This information will then be sent to the Board of Governors of the school you ultimately choose for your child to attend.

((With regards to AQE Special Circumstances or Special Provision, this date is not applicable but the AQE team do ask that you complete the SC17 form and attach this to your transfer form with all the evidence supplied and verified to back up any claims.  The AQE also advise that the SC17 form will be available from their website only when all the assessments are over, but in the meantime people should gather any evidence that they may need.))

School Open Days / Nights for P6s and P7s

Most Open Days / Nights Will Be In January 2020 (mostly)

Most of the school open days/nights will take place throughout January but there are some schools who hold these early in December or a little later into early-February.

These open days/nights gives the P7s a chance to have a look at the schools they will be putting down on their transfer form (completed after their results) and also offer the P6s a chance to explore their potential schools in a bit of a more relaxed mode.

More information will follow in due course (when the information is available) but here’s last year’s blog and in my experience, dates tend to be very similar (within a day of previous years). Blog – Open Nights In January 2019 (last years)

Results Day (Letters Arrive In The Post)

AQE & GL Results (Two Separate Envelopes) Arrives In The Post Saturday 25th January 2020

Results will arrive on Saturday 25th January 2020 in the normal post and a copy is also sent to the child’s primary school (if you had selected for this to be allowed following the new GDPR guidelines).

Does Your Post Arrive Late?

It’s not uncommon for many parents to feel aprehensive because their post always arrives late in the day and to support this, many (but not all) post offices agree to hold this letter back for you if you want to collect it from the local post office rather than having to wait on the postman. This has to be agreed in advance with the post office and further guidance will be issued closer to the time.

Change of Address?

The letters will be sent out to the address that you put down when you registered for the AQE or GL test but it’s appreciated that people may move house.

AQE deal with this issue more specifically and explain that they should be notified of any change of addresses by Monday 20th January 2020 (at the latest) in order to guarantee that the address will be updated in time.

Similarly, for the GL, if you change address, please contact the Assessment Centre in good time for a change to take place, or work with the post office to collect it.

GL – Request For Remark

GL Request For Remark Friday 7th February 2020 (2pm)

GL advise that the latest date for receipt of requests for a remark is the 7th February 2020 (2pm) and this is done via the GL Assessment Centre.

AQE are not specific on a deadline for a remark request, but the process to request a remark will be sent out with your AQE result and there will be a small charge. AQE also advise that although there have been no changes to marks over the last three years (they claim because of their robust marking procedures), they warn that the mark, if changed, can go down as well as up and the remark score will be the final one.

Completed Transfer Forms Sent To Education Authority

Completed Transfer Forms Sent To Education Authority Wednesday 5th February 2020 

Confirmed date from EA.

As soon as the results are received on the 25th January, most schools are already prepared with appointments in their diaries to meet with parents to discuss their post-primary options and to complete the post-primary transfer form, which will need to be sent to the Education Authority by the 5th February 2020

At this point you should ensure you attend and be prepared with:

  • a copy of the letter with the score from AQE and/or GL
  • your top five preferred choice of schools
  • have a good understanding of the lowest scores that were accepted in previous years for any grammar schools on the list (see blog: lowest scores accepted in 2018 – 2014)
  • understand the school’s admission criteria (for each school in your list) and provide supporting information that will help your application e.g. sibling already at school
  • for AQE have your SC17 form completed (if necessary) and for AQE/GL have the evidence to back up your claim for special circumstances

Final Date To Change Post-Primary School Choices

Makes Changes To Post-Primary Transfer Form (To Education Authority) Wednesday 4th March 2020 

Date To Be Confirmed When EA Calendar Is Released – But Fair Estimate

Even though the transfer form is sent off to the EA by the 5th February 2020, but you have until this time (Wednesday 4th March) to make any final change in school preference (apart from those necessitated by exceptional circumstances).

Last Day The Education Authority Can Consider Any Additional Information

Last Day EA Can Consider Any Changes Friday 1st May 2020 

Date To Be Confirmed When EA Calendar Is Released – But Fair Estimate

For those more-observing mortals, you’ll have noticed an apparent clash with 8th February as it’s the last day to request a GL remark but also when the post-primary form needs to be with the Education Authority.  To support this and to allow for any other unforeseen circumstances, the Education Authority can accept ‘additional informatione.g. a change in the mark, in respect to a transfer form up until the 1st May 2020.

Letter Informing School Awarded

Letter Received With Details Of Your Child’s Post-Primary School Saturday 30th May 2020 

Confirmed date from EA.

For me, this is always the most important date and the one that really matters. Saturday 30th May is when parents will receive letters from the school advising them that their child has been awarded a place. Unfortunately many Royal Mail distribution centres don’t operate the same ‘hold the letters at the post office‘ service and this is probably because the actual letter would be difficult for them to identify as it will come from so many different schools with various styled envelopes.

Notice Of Intention To Appeal

Notice of Intention To Appeal  – Thursday 13th June 2020 

Date To Be Confirmed When EA Calendar Is Released – But Fair Estimate

All appeals, with regards to the school that has been awarded to your child, with be dealt with by the Education Authority and a notice of intention to appeal must be sent to them (by post, email or phone) by the 13th June.

Once they receive this intention, a form will be sent out to your home address with further information and must be completed within ten days and returned, for the appeal to be taken into consideration.

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The Transfer Tutor’s Online Quizzes provide a fun and interactive way to learn and practise Maths and English questions which are directly aligned to both the AQE and GL specifications.

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