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Only joined the group quite recently and signed up for the services and am really pleased I did. The app is very easy to navigate and the early quizzes are bite sized so feel like fun. Olga is very responsive with great attention paid to the service she provides.

Susan Kelly Avatar
Susan Kelly

Sensible advice

G Mc Avatar
G Mc

If your child is going through the transfer test I highly recommended using the transfer app. My sons both like doing work on app and if you need advice support this is definitely the place to get it from 😍

Joanne McClelland Avatar
Joanne McClelland

The Transfer Tutor is excellent. The material covers everything that that is needed for the AQE & GL. It is fun and gives kids a break from looking at paper tests. I especially like the hints that are available to help the child with questions that they find difficult. I also love that I get an email letting me know the score each time my child does a test. I can’t fault it! On top of all of this, us parents get amazing support from Olga. She basically takes us by the hand and brings us right through the whole process, answering any questions we might have (Sometimes answering them before we’ve even thought of them!!). She has personally helped me with a GL issue which I feel so thankful for. If your child is about to embark upon the transfer test I would highly recommend using the Transfer Tutor and becoming part of the support group. Thank you Olga!!

Deirdre Rogers Avatar
Deirdre Rogers

Really good App! Great tool for revision especially when your child is feeling unmotivated to look at past papers. This App provides something different, quick and rewarding with scoring shown at the end of each topic.

Collette nbc Moreland Avatar
Collette nbc Moreland

The app is a fantastic resource for all P6 and P7 pupils facing the challenge of the AQE/GL. It takes an arduous experience and converts it into a fun one! The support, resource and camaraderie offered to parents in the associated Facebook group is priceless. I would not hesitate to recommend both The Transfer Tutor App and the help and support of Olga Lynch.

Angela Tormey Avatar
Angela Tormey

The app, the explainations of how the results are processed, and the facebook page have been absolutely critical for helping us deal with the transfer test. I am indebted to Olga Lynch for her impartial and totally professional advice and guidance. 100% recommend this to any family with a child preparing for the transfer test.

Gemma Lynch Avatar
Gemma Lynch

My daughter was fed up with the monotony of doing practice paper after practice paper. The transfer tutor was a welcomed change to this. She enjoyed the different quizzes and the fact that it was scored immediately. I actually wish I'd purchased this a lot sooner than I did. Brilliant and would highly recommend.

sophie christie Avatar
sophie christie

Fantastic resource for everything transfer related.

Cathryn Gibson Avatar
Cathryn Gibson

More about The Transfer Tutor (Multi-Award Winning Online Quizzes)

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The Transfer Tutor’s Online Quizzes provide a fun and interactive way to learn and practise Maths and English questions which are directly aligned to both the AQE and GL specifications.

All quizzes are broken down into manageable topics and there are many, great features including (but not limited to):

  • Mobile friendly and works on any internet device.
  • In many questions, there will be a ‘Hint’ option that offers the child details on the ‘rule’ or aids them to complete it correctly which helps their future application and confidence.
  • The Leaderboard at the end makes the child feel like they’re playing a game and having friendly competition.
  • Good use of colour and graphics which makes it exciting.
  • Parents receives a progress email at the end to let them know how their child did.

Simply choose the licence you need depending on the length of time you need access, click on the blue box, pay and then you’ll be off within minutes.

For any further questions, please contact me or check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

All of these are a one-off payment until they expire – so no additional costs.


(Expires December 2019) 

CAT LICENCE –  Only £60

(Expires December 2020) 


(Expires December 2021)

Free Facebook Group

You may have read in the reviews about people referring to the Facebook Support Group and this is certainly a great place to keep informed, ask questions, get support and keep up-to-date with anything happening in the transfer space.

It’s free to join but please ensure you have a genuine Facebook profile picture (ghost pictures are not approved as not deemed authentic) and then simply click here and answer the simple questions -> Join Facebook Group.